The complete roadmap and support system designed to help you master the MFA audition process strategically & confidently!


    A 3 month 1:1 Coaching Acting MFA Prep Program -

    For motivated actors ready to take their career to the next level.


    With the MFA Acting Coach

    (who's taken this journey)



    The Morse Actors Studio

  • Everything you need to know...by someone who's been through it

    Hey there, I'm Amelia!


    And I've been EXACTLY where you are.


    Spending hours agonizing over applications. 


    Wondering how the hell to prepare for interviews.


    Panicking about how I’d pay for this if I got in.


    And oh yeah…stressing about what monologues were right for the audition.


    Some may say I’m a bit of an overachiever because I have an MA and an MFA but honestly, I just really love teaching and learning and, well, performing!

  • And I learned a LOT of hard lessons during my MFA audition process.

    I did what so many actors do...


    I had a friend offer me a little feedback on my audition and I crossed my fingers through the rest of the process.


    And now that I have the benefit of SO much hindsight, I know that I needed an experienced MENTOR and a COMMUNITY to get me through this process.


    Because sure, I got into my ideal program but the process took a big toll on my mental and physical health.

  • The MFA application process isn't a sprint.

    Like your acting career, this is a marathon. It’s imperative to start early, research the shit out of programs and really understand the best options for you. All of this prepares you to wow your perfect schools during your auditions, interviews and callbacks.


    Every MFA program is different. Finding the programs that fit you as an artist and a human is critical for the audition process and for your ultimate success and happiness once you are accepted.




    Most coaches will just help you with a great audition package and of course, that’s a BIG, IMPORTANT piece but it's far from the only piece. 

  • Grab my 3 Secrets to getting into your ideal MFA Program

    This free download is only available until The. MFA Prep Program Doors are open. Doors close on July 15, 2022.

  • "Amelia is one of the most talented people I have had the pleasure to work with."

    Larry Quiggins, MFA

    Former Graduate School Professor & Director

  • So I'm here to make sure you: 



    Don’t waste your time or money applying for MFA programs that aren’t the right ones for you and your goals.



    Understand every step of the process so nothing comes as a surprise and your preparation will give you unshakeable confidence.



    Enjoy the damn process…because with advance planning, mentorship, community and clarity, this can and SHOULD be fun!


    "I had an amazing experience with The Morse Actors Studio! 


    Amelia created a safe and creative learning environment.


    I was able to land work with Amelia's help, and was able to take what I learned and utilize it in the real world. 


    10/10 experience!"

    Adrianna Baez

    Denver, CO Actor


  • Here’s how the MFA Prep Program equips you for success!

    The 1:1 program includes:


     How to find YOUR idea MFA Program.


    3 months of 1:1 Personalized Coaching


    How to prepare for auditions and interviews.


    How to write your Letter of Intent.


    Get amazing Letters of Recommendation!


    Audition Materials that help you stand out!


    Self-Tape and Zoom auditions/setups


    Resume and Headshots


    Audition Attire


    Social Media and Website Review


    Budget and Finances for apply to MFA Programs


    Tips & tools to help you stay organized


    You can add on 1:1 Coaching at ANY TIME!

  • Book a free consultation to talk all things MFA and learn more about the program.

    Let's bring your acting career downstage center today!




    "Amelia is  responsive and clear in her communication and offers great advice and feedback. 

     I had an audition get switched to a self-tape at the last minute, and her guidance helped me feel better prepared to submit my best self for the part!"

    Daniel Blackwell

    Boston, MA Actor

  • MFA Audition Audit

    If you're new here and curious about what it's like to work with me, I invite you to sign up for a free

    MFA Audition Audit.



    What's Involved -

    A one time free 30 minute call to review up to 3 of your current pieces you are using for your auditions.

    Review of one of your Actor Headshots and your current Actors Resume.


    This is NOT a coaching call, so you won't be asked to perform your pieces.

  • The 12 Week MFA Prep Program

    is CLOSED for this year.


    The next round of applications will open in June of 2023.

    (The program begins in late September of 2023.)


    This is for MFA admission into the Fall 2024 programs.

    If you are still wanting MFA Audition Coaching or MFA Intervew Prep,

    you may reach out to me here to schedule those sessions.



    To learn more about MFA Audition Coaching and/or MFA Interview Prep -

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    The MFA Prep Program is affiliated with Amelia Morse, MA & MFA

    and The Morse Actors Studio.