Read what people who have been through the MFA Application and Audition Process have to say.

    Dustin R.


    "Sometimes life experience is the best experience. Work for a while before applying. That all your experience is actually a strength to your candidacy."

    Stevie T.


    "You cannot do this alone. Sure,
    your audition can be good when you sit down with all of the classes that you took and all of the knowledge you have in your brain.


    But if you don't have a third party, who is not a peer, who is an absolute mentor and a coach, taking a look at everything, and seeing things, seeing the ticks that you might have, or seeing that maybe what you're trying to get across isn't landing.

    You need to do what you can to provide your best work and you can't do that alone."

    Alfred R.


    "I learned that you don't get better at a MFA. You have to be better already and thats why you get in."


    Amelia was really great and gave me wonderful feedback. She helped me find more of an objective for each of my pieces and helped to find good places of context to add to my contemporary piece. She aslo helped me find more exhilirating flow in my Shakespeare piece. I really do recommend working with Amelia for their MFA Auditions.

    Lauren H.



  • "Amelia is one of the most talented people I have had the pleasure to work with."

    Larry Quiggins, MFA

    Former Graduate School Professor & Director


    "Amelia is  responsive and clear in her communication and offers great advice and feedback. 

     I had an audition get switched to a self-tape at the last minute, and her guidance helped me feel better prepared to submit my best self for the part!"

    Daniel Blackwell

    Boston, MA Actor