• How would it feel to have complete clarity and confidence about all parts of the MFA audition process?


    Feeling completely prepared and knowing you are only auditioning for the best programs that reflect your values and career goals?


    Imagine checking your inbox to find an acceptance email from your perfect MFA program…


    But right now you feel….


    Overwhelmed by the research process and all of the different programs, applications and tuition structures


    Unsure of how to best prepare for this process because you know it’s so much more than just a monologue package (budgeting, travel, wardrobe, interviews, callbacks…eeeekkkkk!)


    Isolated because you don’t have any friends going through this process so it’s hard to get any insight or clarity.


    Luckily, you can avoid all this:


    Inside this MFA Prep Program you’ll uncover how to navigate the entire MFA audition process from research to acceptance with total confidence and clarity and get into the MFA program of your dreams…

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    Hey there, I'm Amelia. I've been EXACTLY where you are.


    Spending hours agonizing over applications. Wondering how to prepare for interviews. Panicking about how I’d pay for this if I got in. And oh yeah…wondering what monologues were right for the audition.


    Some may say I’m a bit of an overachiever because I have an MA and an MFA but honestly, I just really love teaching and learning and, well, performing!


    And I learned a LOT of hard lessons when I went through the MFA audition process.


    I did what so many actors do:


    I had a friend offer me a little feedback on my audition and I white knuckled it through the rest of the process. And now that I have the benefit of SO much hindsight, I know that I needed a mentor and a community to get me through this process because while I got into my ideal program, it came at the expense of mental and physical health.


    This process isn’t a sprint….it’s a marathon. And it’s imperative to start early, research the shit out of programs and really understand the best options for you so you can prepare to wow your perfect schools during your auditions, interviews and callbacks.


    Just like you are different from every other actor out there, every MFA program is different, too. Finding the programs that fit you as an artist and a human is critical for the audition process but also to your ultimate success and happiness in the program once you are accepted.




    Most coaches will just help you with a great audition package and of course, that’s a BIG, IMPORTANT piece but I’m here to make sure you


    > Don’t waste your time or money applying for MFA programs that aren’t the right ones for you and your goals.


    > Understand every step of the process so nothing comes as a surprise and your preparation will give you unshakeable confidence.


    > Enjoy the damn process…because with advance planning, mentorship, community and clarity, this can and SHOULD be fun!